The Adventures of Tiny R

A Bunny's Tale

by Betty Ann Cassano

Latest Update: December 1, 2007



Who is Tiny R and Where Did He Come From?
How Did Tiny R Get His Name?
A Home For A Bunny
Odor Control: Priority 1
I Hate to Complain But.......
Bypassing the Middleman
Just One of the Family

Nibble, Nibble, Nibble
Favorite Toy
Jingle All the Way
Room Service, Please
Scrape, Clatter, Bang! Fill'er Up, Please.
Tiny R: One of the Boys in the Hall
Tiny R's Toy Box
Tiny R: Stunt Bunny
I'll Take Door #1, Please
What Are All These Short Pieces of Yarn Doing All Over the Hall?

Well, That's 20 Bucks Down the Drain
Hey, There! Bring Me Hay!
Get This Thing Off Of Me!
Oh No! Not My New Sofa!!
Hi, Pal! What'cha Got?
Pack My Things. I'm Going On a Trip!
These Shoes Were Made For Chewing

Bring on the Veggies!
I Can See you. Can You See Me?

Limericks about Tiny R

Welcome to Mom's Clip Joint

If You Scratch My Back ..........
100% Pure Cotton, Plus a Little Bit(e) More
Forget the Easter Candy. I Just Want the Basket.

Letter to Tina and Dodger

Tiny R's Tail
Just Breez'n Along
Pizza? Out of My Way!
This Isn't Timothy!!
It Takes Both Paws to Push
The Thunder of Tiny Feet

The Lamp Shade

Tiny R's Imaginary Playmate
The Loss of a Dear Friend
The Bunny Cave

The Grungy Look
You're On My Turf Now, Pardner!
Tiny R and the One-Eyed Monster
Twinkle Toes
The Keys to Freedom
The Rip and Tear Box
I'm Tired of Wearing Basic Black
Where's the Remote?
One Thump or Two?

Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath . . .

Mr. Curious and His Magnificent Nose
Tiny R's Blanket Party
Are You Sure This Is Timothy?
The Guy in the Box
Up Periscope

Getting Ready for the Winter Olympics
Tiny R's Tiny Pumpkin
The Gazebo

The Gang of Four

Tiny R: Back in Black!

Temperature Rising
All This Stuff Belongs to Me!
The Magic Basket

The Napping Box
Hey! That's My Hair You're Pulling!

Tiny R: The Music Critic

Clank, Chunk, Chank....Rumble!

The Bridge
Let's Have Some Fun!
I Think I Can

Where's Mine?
False Rs

If It's New, I'm Interested
Get This Stuff Off My Porch!
Who's Calling the Shots Around Here, Anyway?

Only Doesn't Mean Lonely
Someone to Watch Over Me
I Know What You Mean
The Flying Bun

Tiny R and the Marshmallow Cloud
Cold Turkey
Bunny in a Bag

Summer Frolic

Fearless is My Middle Name
Where's Mine?

The Furry Black Football
A Whole Lotta Hummin' Goin' On
Almost Ten and Going Strong

What Happened to My Cave?
Project Demolition: Crew of One
Just Keeping It Even
Bathroom Blues

Dandelions for Brunch

Eleven & a Half, Going on Twelve
I Can't See You But I Know You're There

Silver Hairs Among the Black
Springtime by the Square Foot

I May Be Old But I'm Still Here

I'm Not Crazy; I'm Just Wiggin' Out

The Winter Season

Don't Cry, Mama. I'll Wait For You.

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The Adventures of Tiny R

Written by Betty Ann Cassano
Shasta Lake, California, USA
Copyright 1996-2007 - All rights reserved

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